Bill Tillman of Coral Gables, Florida built his Sand Dollar out of 1/4" Plywood.
Clem Kuhlig made a gold plater out of his Cabin Boy -- and wrote a book about building it.

Built by John Almberg, Huntington, N.Y.
Used as a dinghy on a trip from Florida to Huntington Long Island. It is back home and refitted after a 2,000 mile voyage!

Rick Jacks from Rockland Maine built a Cabin Boy over the course of a year. Here we see his steam rig and the plank spiling batten.
Rick writes: "Building Cabin Boy allows you to experience many of the basics of traditional wooden boat construction in a small package..."
..."It was a most enjoyable experience but keep in mind that a simple design is not necessarily easy to build..."
..."There's a lot going on here in 7 1/2 feet, especially in the bow section...."
..."I found it necessary to steam bend all longitudinal bow members (planks,inwales,thwart risers and rubrails)..."
..."She's a great little boat".
Three Friends was launched in October 2017!
Rick enjoyed the build very much and thinks she's a capable little boat!